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After an extended hiatus, Pyromantic Industries is back at it; I’ve been working on some warm & cozy winter items, holiday gifts, and a little jewelry too!

Currently working on:
“Shelly” scarf @ Crochet Me in Bernat Softee Baby (White)
Shelly @ Crochet Me

Assorted snowflakes from Crochet Pattern Central.

I have midterms tomorrow, so back to studying I go. More regular updates should follow, including pictures of that scarf when I’m done. 🙂

Webmistress & Crafter

Webmistress & Crafter

Location: SE Michigan
Age: 23
Preferred crafts: Beading, hand sewing, crochet, paper crafts
Favorite techniques: Peyote weave, collage, fabric repurposing
Other hobbies: Dagorhir, yoga, cooking, gardening
Currently working on: (Shop related) Earrings; (non shop related) Sashes for House Padma
Crafty quote:
Clasp my love around your neck,
Wear my heart on your finger.
My soul will be your pendant:
I live to adorn you –
You’re the precious one.

~Grey Livingston, “Genuine Adoration”

"Love Is Red"

Another chainmaille piece, this one made with colored aluminum, will be up later this week. Browse, buy, link, enjoy!


We’ve got new items up on our Zibbet shop- a beaded pouch and some more chainmaille jewelry.

Next week:
More new items!
The first Crafter Bio!
Sneak Peek at upcoming Pyro-Projects!

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned!
Bahli, for Pyromantic Industries


Hello! Let us introduce ourselves….

We’re Pyromantic Industries.  When we aren’t sewing, beading, papercrafting,  chain-mail-ing or riveting, we’re dreaming up new visions to make real and new materials and techniques to assist us. …Or we’re playing Dagorhir with our friends and family in the Outlanders, House Padma and Mirkwood.

This blog is dedicated to who we are and what we’re up to. Crafter bios, pictures of us and/or our work, upcoming events where you can meet us and talk shop or check out our wares, sales and news regarding our shop on Zibbet can all be found on this very page. We look forward to hearing what you think about what we make, and what you’d like to see in our shop or on this blog. Feel free to comment, tag, link back, and of course tell all your friends!